The RB450 is a five port ethernet router.

The RB450 includes a switch chip, which means that it’s five ports can be combined to function as a switch increasing port to port communication speed.

The RB450 series are your perfect low-cost wired router for installations where wireless interfaces are not required. The RB450 is available in a sturdy black aluminium case.

The miniROUTER (RouterBOARD 450) with 300Mhz Atheros CPU, 32MB RAM, Five LAN ports, NAND Storage with RouterOS Level 5



Product code RB/450
CPU speed 300MHz
Architecture MIPS-BE
LAN ports 5
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless 0
Memory Cards 0
Power Jack 10-28V
PoE over Datalines No
PoE 10-28V
Voltage Monitor No
Temperature range -30C to +60C
RouterOS License Level5






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