PowerRouter 732

1U Rack Mountable
Up to 5.9 Gigabits Routable throughput - tested!
Seven (7) Front Mounted Gigabit Ethernet Ports
All Ethernet / Serial Connections are mounted on the front for easy access
Intel Pentium 4 Dual-Core 3.00 Gig Processor
Custom Designed System Board
Industrial Board and Power Supply Design
Space for 2.5 inch HD, great for a caching Mikrotik Box
1 Gig DDR2 RAM - Crucial RAM
Compact Flash Card
Level 4 Mikrotik License Installed
1 x mPCI Slot for Wireless Cards - Can order with 5db Omni on back
1 x PCI Slot for T1, fiber, or 4 port Ethernet cards
1 x Space for 2.5 gig HD - Can order with HD for Caching etc.
MTBF of Over 100,000 Hours!

Size: 16.84inch W x 1.7inch H x 11.85inch Deep : 427.7mm W x 44mm H x 301mm Deep
Operational Temp: 32F - 104F : 0 C - 40 C
Input Voltage: 100 - 240VAC -- Standard US Power Cord -- Will work with Europe 220 Volt
DC Voltage Option: 36 to 72 Volt DC Power -- 85 watt Tested at 48v
Fiber Optic Option: 2 GigE SFP Ports -- No SFPs
BGP Feeds: yes -- Tested with 3 Full Routing Tables

Standard Ports
Max Ports
Core Speed and Type
# CPUs
Max Fiber GigE
2gig Max
7 GigE
11 GigE
Intel P4
3.0 Gig
2 Fiber GigE
Single 300 Watt






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