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VPN Connection behind a firewall can't see Intranet Website

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Отправлено 25 июня 2018 - 08:17

We have a cisco pix firewall the the office with a Linux webserver behind it. At the office all compurts can find the web server using the internal DNS. At home I have XP Pro + S/W firewall and a VPN (XP client)connection. Once I connect to the VPN, this can see all network resources eg, windows fileservers, Oracle databases and Linux servers.
If I then add a local intranet at home behind the S/W filewall with an additional nic, the problems appear from this other computer. This is very relevant as we need to have remote offices connect in, some from external entities (ie I don't control their firewall) so I need to tunnel through it. The VPN connects just fine, I can access network drives and ping servers but I can't access the web server ? I can see it and ping it by name but I can't access it. eg 'ocs.production.com:7778' should display the main page, but is unavailable ?
Please help. 
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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