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Windows VPN issue

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I am having an issue with a MSI laptop, that is running Killer Network. Here is my setup.
Desktop - Win 7 - Ethernet
MSI Laptop - WIN 10 - Wireless
HP laptop - WIN 7 - Wireless
ACER laptop - WIN 10 - Wireless ($99 computer
All 3 laptops can connect to the Desktop, when the Desktop is set as VPN Host.
When the Laptops are set to Windows VPN hoist, the desktop can connect to the HP and ACER, but is constantly having trouble connecting to the MSI laptop. 
this just doesnt make sense to me, as the MSI laptop can connect to the Desktop, but the desktop cannot connect to the MSI laptop.
I have tried removing all Killer Network software. I have tried MSI forums, and I have tried calling customer Support (Which they hung up on me). This has been an ongoing issue for over 14 days now. I am at wits end. Please help.
To make things even weirder, if I keep screwing with it, in a few hours, the VPN will magically connect, and I get no issues out of it. Turn computers off that night, next day, it wont work again.


Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
Thank you

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